Best Cleaning Tips to Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

Do you want to know the beast cleaning tips to extend the life your jewelry? Well, to some extent, it is tough. Those who don’t know how to extend the life of your jewelry have to suffer from odd and damaged jewelry after a couple of months. Even your smallest jewelry items need your complete attention and care. Here are the best cleaning tips to extend the life of your jewelry.

Place in Compartments to extend the life of your jewelry

The very first thing you need to remember is that you must place your each and every jewelry item in different compartment. Don’t try to mix all of the things in a single drawer because this is not good for your jewelry. Try your best to bring home compartment or jewelry boxes of different sizes in which you can place each and every item differently.

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Life of Your Jewelry

Clean jewelry with brush

Dust and pollution can ruin the natural glow and structure of your jewelry. This is why, adapt the habit of cleaning the jewelry with brush. Don’t put it in the water of surf or some other harsh chemicals till you are completely assured of its reliability.


Avoid using hot water

The time you are cleaning your jewelry to extend the life of your jewelry, you must bear in mind that the use of hot water is not good. You can, instead, use water of normal temperature. It should neither be hot nor too cold because this can damage the glow and structure of your jewelry items to much extent.

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Life of Your Jewelry

Avoid heavy blows

While cleaning your gemstones and precious diamonds, avoid heavy blows. Just clean them gently with a piece of cloth or cotton and make sure that you don’t treat them all simultaneously for cleaning purposes.

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