Best And Top Foods To Fight Hunger In Summer 2012

Here we will discuss top foods to fight hunger in summer 2012. In summer season, every person wants to burn his/her calories and every human body wants to consume more healthy foods and drinks. The best and top foods to fight hunger in summer 2012 are as follows:

  • Porridge:

                                 Porridge is the best breakfast in summer 2012 because it includes fiber and various starchy carbohydrates. According to recent research that porridge is the best and healthy food to fight hunger in hot summer season.       

  • Whole wheat pasta:

                                                         Whole wheat pasta is defined as wholegrain food and it includes healthy fiber and different starchy carbohydrates. Moreover, whole wheat pasta has low glycaemic index and it helps the person to stabilize and regulate the blood sugar level. So in summer season, every person should eat whole wheat pasta daily.


  • Popcorn:

                                 If we talk about snacking, then popcorn will fight human hunger more than ice cream, doughnuts and crisps. Moreover, popcorn includes more fiber as compared to other snack foods.


  • Peanuts:

                                 According to recent research that peanuts are very helpful to fight hunger in summer 2012. As compared to other beans, peanuts include fiber and protein. In order to fight hunger in summer, person should eat fresh peanuts rather than salted peanuts.

  • Salad:

                              Lastly, best healthy food to fight hunger in summer season is salad. According to American latest researchers that salad is very healthy and beneficial in summer. Moreover, an important and useful tip for eating salad is that person should not eat salad with mayonnaise. If any women want to burn her calories in summer then she should include salad in her diet.



 Finally, these are best and top foods to fight hunger in summer 2012. If you want to control your hunger in hot summer days then you should eat these healthy foods in hot summer days.

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