Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

 Everyone wants to look beautiful in all conditions but those who take special care of their skin are the ones with radiant and glowing Beauty Tips For Glowing Skinskin. Every season has its own advantages and snags, we have enlisted few home made remedies which you can easily adopt and maintain natural softness of your skin.


Beauty Tips

  • Take a banana and mash it by adding some milk in it. Apply this mashed paste on your face and let it dry out for at least 20 minutes, rinse with cold water. This paste will give your face a natural glow.
  • To make your skin smooth and soft, apply honey on your face and neck, let your skin absorb honey for at least 20 minutes, rinse with cold water.
  • Take egg white in a cup and put some honey in it. Mix these two ingredients nicely and then apply this paste on your face for at least 15 to 20 minutes for a natural radiant look.
  • Boil some cabbages in water, use this water to wash your face for smoothening effect.
  • Take tomato juice and mix some honey in it. Now apply this thick paste on your face, this will help your skin improve its complexion.
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