Beautiful Models of Pakistan in 2017

Here are we bring top fashion models of Pakistan 2017

Aliya Ali is a Pakistani Drama actress and model.

She plays a leading Role in Her second Drama Begunnah. after that, she predominantly appears in Dramas and Ads. Following a stint in modeling, she was cast in Ary’s Three dramas Rang Laga, Bandhan, and Begunah.

Her other Dramas are Yahi h Zindagi, Kathan Dagarya , Massi Gul Banno, Agar Aur Jee Laity and upcoming dramas on Geo tv Khalish.

Iqra Aziz is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu television serials. She has appeared in many Hum TV serials.




Kiran Tabeer is a famous actress, model host. Who has earned fame in few years of her showbiz career.
Neelam Muneer is a young, brilliant and shining Pakistani actress who started her career as a model.
Model Sadia Khan has took the air ramp for many top fashion designers. She has also done commercial modeling.
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