Beautiful and Talented Actress Nimra Khan of Pakistan

Nimra Khan is one of the most fantastic and awesome actresses of Pakistan. She has been in the showbiz from several years. She is said to be one of the close friends of Aiza Khan, Ainy Jaffery, Amina Sheikh like big celebrities of Pakistan. Nirma Khan has gotten much attention since the time she stepped into the television industry.

Nimra Khan – An Energetic Actress

It is no doubt true that Nimra is a highly energetic and exceptional actress of the era. The Noorie found her perfect match in the showbiz. She is one of the most acclaimed celebrities of the era. Nimra is a young and hard working lady.

Nimra Khan is very Beautiful

Not only she is hard working as an actress but also is widely admired for being beautiful and gorgeous. She is greatly skilled and has charming smile. She is one of the few actresses of Pakistan who actually completed their studies before joining the showbiz industry.

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Actress Nimra Khan

Nimra has studied film and television at Indus Valley in Karachi. After giving a number of hits to her fans on television, Nimra started performing as a model. In just a few years, she secured her prominent position in this industry.


Nimra worked with Big Stars

During the course of time, she has worked to work with some top notch celebrities like Javed Sheikh, Fazeela Kazi, Faysal Qureshi, and many more. Nimra Khan is said to be one of the luckiest girls who was fully supported by the parents to join the television industry.

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Actress Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan, An Inspiration for Newcomers

Whoever wants to join showbiz industry can learn how to act well and how to maintain his/her repute in the showbiz industry from Nimra Khan. She has really taught us a lot of things during her career. In the upcoming months, we can expect a lot more from this very pretty young woman.

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