Basic Makeup Brushes Guide For Beginners

Do you want to be a perfecton-ist in using makeup brushes? Many of us are so fond of makeup. trying different makeup looks and playing with makeup is all that we want. but, for a flawless makeup look, it is necessary to use the Makeup brushes correctly.

Makeup brushes are an inseparable part of makeup . These brushes help you attain the perfect look flawlessly. However, one needs to practice a lot on how to use these brushes. If you learn the art of using these makeup brushes then you do not need to go to the makeup salons to get the makeup done. So you can save those pennies and spend them on purchasing trendy makeup products and tools.

For beginners, it is better to invest in normal reasonable brands. Once you become an adept in using these brushes you can go for high end brands. That ways you will be proficient enough of feeling the difference in brush functioning of a normal brand and high end brand.

Makeup Brushes Guide

Makeup Brushes Guide:

No need to worry, now we will explain you how to use the different brushes.

The basic makeup brushes that are commonly used are:

Foundation Brush : Usually, there are two types of foundation brushes: flat foundation brush and stippling foundation brush. Flat foundation brush is used for a heavier look and stippling brush is used for a more natural look. Some people use both the brushes together. flat brush to apply the foundation and stipple brush to blend it well. So the type of brush you need depends on the look you desire.


Powder Brush: The powder brush is used to apply loose powder. they can also be used to apply highlighters and blush. it blends your powder smoothly and set it well.

Angular Brush/Blush Brush: The brush is little angular. it applies the blush the natural way. also used to highlight cheekbones.

EyeBrow & Lashes Brush: now this two sided brush is one most essential brush for everyday makeup. one side contains a small comb and the other side contains a horizontal brush. The comb side is used to smooth out the lashes and to give them a finer look. The brush side is used to set your eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Brushes: basically, there are many types of eyeshadow brushes. but the most common used is the flat one.  Flat eyeshadow brush is a thin brush, which is used to apply or dab eye shadow on upper eyelids. You can also use this brush to add eye shadow to lower eye lid. Do not use the flat brush to blend the eyeshadow.


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