Bareeze Winter Collections 2011-2012

Bareeze Embroidered classics are working successfully for almost three decades. Its success is not limited to domestic market but international markets as well. Bareeze serves its customers with finest quality silk, crisp cotton, unmatchable lawn prints, chiffon’s etc. Bareeze is also famous because of its hand made embroidery on women clothes. Recently after successfully launching Bareeze eid collection 2011, Bareeze is back with its Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection for women. Its been a month that bareeze stylish winter collection is available in all bareeze outlets. Do visit Bareeze outlets and check out their trendy Bareeze winter collection 2011-2012 for women

Bareeze fall/winter Collection 2011-2012 for women

Chinyere by Bareeze was established in 1999. Bareeze created Chinyere to provide its customers with fashionable casual, formal and semi-formal dresses. Chinyere outfits designs are well appreciated by young women of Pakistan. Recently Chinyere has launched Mughal Dynasty Fall/Winter 2011 collection for women. This collection is also very suitable to wear on eid. Lets check out chinyere winter collection 2011-2012

Chinyere Mughal Dynasty fall/winter collection 2011-2012

Chinyere winter collection 2011-2012 for women



Bareeze is probably the biggest chain of Textile retailing store in Pakistan. Kayseria by Bareeze is one of the large branch of Bareeze for premium quality fabrics. Recently Kayseria has successfully launched its winter collection 2011-2012 for women. this collection includes stylish prints and designs. Check out kayseris winter collection 2011-2012…

kayseria latest fashion dresses for winter 2011-2012

Bareeze new the demands of little rock stars so they established Minnie Minors for little show stopper in 1998. Recently Minnie Minors by bareeze has launched energetic winter collections for kids. Lets have a look at Minnie Minors Winter collection 2011-2012 for kids

Minnie Minors winter collection 2011-2012

Minnie minors show stoppers winter collection for kids


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