Ayyan Ali Is Living An Unpleasant Life ! Read Out Why?

Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali was arrested by the police when he was trying to smuggle $0.5 million from Pakistan to Dubai. She has been doing money laundering since years, but this time her luck didn’t proved luck for her. When Ayyan Ali reached the airport security counter, the security cameras detected something strange in her travel bag. On investigation, the strange amount thing was the big amount of money which she was trying to smuggle.

She is locked in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi and her judicial remand has been extended till April 11.

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Ayyan Ali Is Living An Unpleasant Life!

Ayyan Ali Is Living An Unpleasant Life


As we all know that Ayyan Ali is a very rich model. She spent a life of comfort and luxury. She had her own private jet and her own expensive luxury cars. But have you wondered that how is she spending her life in jail?

She has completed moved to a bad environment and her life is getting tough day by day. On the first day of her jail, she was given special food and fresh juices but that was just for the first day and not for the others! Nowadays, she is getting the normal food cooked by the jail officials. She eat the same food which the other culprits locked in jail eat. As the jail surroundings are not suiting her, she is suffering from a disease known as Pollen Allergy. Ayyan Ali was taken to Adiala Jail hospital and she was given medicines but as you know that no one can get the comfort in a jail.

Ayyan Ali is living an unpleasant life! Want to say anything about her?

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