Ayesha Omar at the Screening Of ‘Yalghaar’ happening right now in Islamabad

Ayesha omer is a talented models and actors,Pakistani fashion industry definitely is not behind to any fashion industry in world. Pakistani fashion industry generates a wide pool of talent every year launching many new models and upcoming top models of Pakistan.


Fashion model cum actor cum VJ cum singer Ayesha Omer was born on 12th October, 1980. She is a graduate of renowned National College of Arts, Lahore.Her majors were in fine arts.

Female model Ayesha Omer got recognition with the teen based program Kollege. This show was the direction by another NCA graduate Jawad Bashir.The show also had well known singer and actor Ali Zafar and other well known TV personalities.Other than hosting and acting,Pakistani model Ayesha Omer also acted in Nautanki,NCA’s drama group. However she needed a formal training in acting.Her university supported her to perform any part of the arts. While she was the student of NCA, she modeled for eighteen shows and performed in seven plays with Lahore’s amateur theater group. Fashion model Ayesha Omer is appreciated most for her part in sitcom Bulbulay where Ayesha Omer is playing Khoobsurat.

Pakistani fashion model Ayesha Omer was always interested in theater and charity work. From her school time, she was always in to arts and theater activities. In fact Ayesha Omer was the president of arts at her arts school and used to manage the theater productions, costumes, and conceptual creativities. In summer vacations, she used to give her most of the time at the Rising Sun School for special children.



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