Ayesha Malik explains why she publicly called out Priyanka Chopra’s ‘war-mongering’

Ayesha Malik made headlines around the world when she called out Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra on her infamous “Jai Hind! #IndianArmedForces” tweet that was shared during the escalated nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan.

Chopra was heavily criticised on social media after patronising Malick during a Beauty Con appearance in August. The Pakistani-American blogger grabbed the microphone to ask the star why she was discussing humanity after “encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan.”

In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Malik opened up about how she felt when she confronted Chopra and why it was necessary for her voice to be heard.


“Can I just set the record straight? Because I know this is a huge misconception and I totally understand why,” she said during the interview. “I was there with my influencer friends for a meet and greet… I had to cross the convention floor to meet them.”

Malik explained why she felt the need to call out the Bollywood icon. “There she was with these giant screens above her, here is this woman that I’ve invited into my home dozens through Bollywood films and it was so weird I was in the same vicinity as her. Too bad I wasn’t a fan anymore,” she said.


“I started walking away and that’s when she said. ‘I’m a humanitarian and we should love our neighbours,’ I got triggered so hard.” That’s when Malik said she started walking through the crowd in frustration to call out Chopra. In that moment, Malik said, she believes “God wanted her to be there.”

Afterwards, the blogger revealed she looked at the pamphlet about Chopra’s speaking points during her Beauty Con appearance. She was amazed to find out the star was meant to shed light on social responsibility.

“That is so ironic because she’s actually the most irresponsible person online with a platform that big,” she concluded.

Malik was attending the LA-based event when she went into a public showdown with Chopra. She had her mic taken away from her whilst questioning the Bollywood starlet, when Chopra called Malik’s queries a “rant”, saying that the latter was screaming and attacking her.

The Sky is Pink star’s response to Malik disappointed even the biggest Chopra fans in Pakistan, many of whom even signed a petition to have her removed from her position as a UNICEF Peace Ambassador.

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