Atif Aslam’s latest track ’12 Bajay’ is a musical treat!

Atif Aslam’s latest track ’12 Bajay’ is a musical treat!, And so, Atif Aslam just released his latest track, 12 Bajay, and we have to say, this one’s a musical extravagnza. The song features so many musical variations that you absolutely fall in love with Atif’s range as a singer and a musician.

12 Bajay is not our usual Atif Aslam song. It’s not romantic, nor its rock, this track is something different, something unique, in fact the chorus part is something you’ve never ever seen Atif Aslam try before.


Aslam has also experimented with the visuals for 12 Bajay as well. This time we’re awarded with an insight into the real Atif Aslam world. It features snippets of Atif before a concert, while he records and some rather innovative animations as well. In short, with 12 Bajay Atif Aslam brings about an entirely new experience, something you’ll definitely like.

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