Asim Azhar Savage Response to Furqan Shayk Trolls Becomes the main headline of Media

The sudden surprise victory of Pakistan against the tournament favorites has shocked everyone. People all over the country still aren’t able to fathom what happened, expressing their joy by sharing their unfiltered sentiments on social media and this is also what singer Asim Azhar did too. Sadly, things took an ugly turn and this all ignited a new Twitter feud.

So, Asim Azhar wrote a message for the victory of Team Pakistan in the match against England last night. This is what Asim tweet about:

In his tweet, Asim said that seasonal cricket fans shouldn’t undermine the capabilities of the Pakistani cricket team by writing them off as losers after just one failed match. He was referring to fans expressing disappointment after the Green Shirts lost their first World Cup match to West Indies.

Asim went on to say that the Pakistani team performs the best when it has been through the worst!  Out of nowhere, former Facebook influencer Furqan Shayk responded with a rather personal attack on Asim Azhar

Furqan Shayk quoted Asim’s tweet and labeled him as a ‘parchi Coke Studio pai chalnay wala musician’. He added more by saying that the Pakistani team has recently witnessed their worst losing streak in the last 46 years.

Of course Asim replied with a retort of his own and scorched Furqan. The singer said that the World cup is NOT awarded on the basis of the historical records instead it is dependent upon the current performance of the team thus this victory is important.

He also mentioned that Furqan should make good videos instead of wasting time on Twitter trying to get into tussles.


If you thought that Asim’s savage response put an end to things you’d be very wrong because Furqan responded AGAIN. Furqan didn’t stop there, he did post the screenshots allegedly of Asim Azhar requesting him for a shout out. Curiously, though, this tweet seems to have disappeared from Furqan’s Twitter now.

The awaam did not appreciate Furqan butting into Asim’s tweet, though and they made sure to express their disappointment. This is how they reacted:

Do you think this fight was valid?

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