Asim Azhar Opens About His Pending Projects in India

Asim Azhar is definitely becoming the singer sensation all over the Pakistan and his song Tu Jo Na Mila got the best fame and attention from the Indian crowd as well. He has given so many hit songs and has melodious voice.

He is now planning ahead to make his way into the Indian music media as well. In one of his recent interviews, the singer reveal out that he has so many projects pending in India and will be released after the situation between India and Pakistan get better.


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He even added in his statement that he has such an amazing team of Universal Music India where so many people are part of it and act as a family. He even said that he has put some things on the hold with the team and things have not ended at all. As soon as the condition between the two nations gets better, the release session will start off. He even added that we all know the value of the content and the way it is created so giving the content to be wastage is an impossible thing. So much hardwork has been put by the whole team.

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