Asim Azhar dealing with the negative criticism and trying to be better

When five popular, young artists announce a collaboration, there is bound to be some noise. So, when Asim Azhar, perhaps one of the hottest property in music right now thanks to two consecutive good years on the pop radar, shared that he will be releasing a song with Talhah Yunus, Talha Anjum, Shamoon Ismail and Raamis, there was much anticipation.

Put these young guns together and you’d expect a killer track, but is that what transpired? Their collaboration, Tum Tum, while raking in huge numbers on YouTube, also garnered a ton of criticism – from the casting of young TikTok sensation Areeka Haq to the lyrics itself.

Also, all this negative air around TikTok from the past few months… It’s a platform like any other. It’s on us to make it either positive or negative by our actions. I won’t lie, I have seen some cringe-worthy content on there but I would be lying if I say I haven’t seen some exceptional talent on it as well. This is one of the reason why Areeka got my attention out of the many candidates we had shortlisted.


Keeping in mind the creative aspect of the video, we all agreed that Areeka would be the best choice and I think she has done an exceptional role. It was a 40-hour shoot in total and she shot for 32 hours straight. We all had breaks but she was in all the sequences so she had to shoot constantly and I commend her professionalism.

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