Asim Azhar And Merub authentic relationship status disclosed

Asim Azhar And Merub authentic relationship status disclosed. Since a considerable period of time, singer Asim Azhar and fashion model Merub Ali have speculated to be romantically involved as the duo is mostly seen together during prominent showbiz events and other casual gatherings.

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Merub’s revelations might disappoint a lot of fans yearning for Asim and the model to be in a romantic relationship as the celebrity has stated that there is nothing intimate between the duo and Asim is not her ‘step brother’ or even ‘cousin’. Merub knows Asim since her childhood because they are family friends as Merub’s brother is Asim’s fast friend.

A few days ago, Pakistani actress Hania Amir was trending on social media as her video clip with Aashir Wajahat, son of director, producer Shazia Wajahat and Wajahat Rauf, went viral.

Asim Azhar And Merub authentic relationship status disclosed

Speculations regarding Merub and Asim arose some time back because of the duo’s frequent appearance in pictures/videos emerging on the internet. Lately, during one of Asim’s concert, the singer’s ex-girlfriend Hania Aamir was seen grooving to his songs while standing amidst the charged crowd whereas Merub was also seen attending the musical night which made netizens once again start having conversations in the comment section regarding Hania Aamir, Asim Azhar and his current rumoured lover Merub Ali.

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