Asad Siddiqui Opens Up About Him Unfollowing Iqra Aziz Because Of Hania Aamir

What would i be able to state, the entire discussion encompassing Hania Aamir and Yasir Hussain has become out into something different and has now developed to incorporate Iqra Aziz and her devotee list.

Around a similar time individuals started slamming Yasir Hussain for his remarks about Hania Aamir, Iqra Aziz unfollowed everyone! Due to the planning, individuals made the association that Iqra has unfollowed everybody in view of how they responded.

In a meeting, Iqra Aziz endeavored to eliminate any confusion air about this and said that her unfollowing everybody had nothing to do with Yasir Hussain’s remark and how we shouldn’t give web based life a chance to influence our lives and our connections to such an extent.

Following this, a great deal of online diversion pages started guaranteeing that after Iqra unfollowed a few famous people, they unfollowed her as well.  The rundown included Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Asim Azhar, and numerous others.


Following this, Asad Siddiqui took to Instagram trying to eliminate any confusion air about the entire circumstance.  In his post, he says, ‘We should utilize online life as a stage to have a genuine effect on the planet as opposed to making distinction among us.’ He goes to legitimately address the news about him and Iqra, ‘Regardless of whether we pursue one another or not ought to never be a point of dialog for our writers to make news out of.’


He closes his note by saying that Iqra never tailed him, and he never pursued her either.  His last sentence read, ‘It has no effect.’ 

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