Asad Siddiqui and Yasir Hussain Gives Hilarious Social Awareness to Fans

Asad Siddiqui and Yasir Hussain are back on the social media with their hilarious tweet for the fans but in a complete social awareness way. Yasir Hussain and Asad Siddiqui bonding of friendship and being cousin brother in relation have always remained the main talk of the town.  This duo couple is always hilarious with their pictures and their funny tweets about each other.

Recently, Yasir Hussain and Asad Siddiqui the two best friends stood up for causes and campaigning for law and charities. In a complete hilarious way they told their followers the importance of a driving license.

Check out what Yasir Hussain has to say about it!


The stars were spotted at some Driving License Office for the license after they lost theirs and they did shared with their audience and posted about their visit. They also urged their followers and social media audience to always drive with a license. The funny part about this whole tweet was how they lost their important driving license after being a celebrity and their presence at office shows that how normal citizens they are behaving.

This is so funny!

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