Art Of Nail Polish For Women and Artificial Nails For Girls

Beauty is what that can behold the beholder. Your personality completely revolves around your way of keeping yourself. Women beauty has a deep contact with their nails too because your nails reflect your true picture about how you keep yourself.
For making your dream there are many nail saloons for women and you can get contact with them because they will tell you the best and right art of nail polish for women. It is a very delicate matter and for this women keep spending their money and time. There are many nail polishes and shed available in the market but it is not the question by buying with these all stuffs, you should also pay attention to any expert who can put that nail polish in your nails.
Art of nail polish for women is new and with the help of it you can embellish your nails in attractive and heart-touching styles. It is one of the best ways to charm your beauty and make it bedeviled before other people.
Art of nail polish for women will give you only wide range of colors but also you will be able to have many motifs and styles. You will probably like this art because it helps you when you need and beautifies you more and more.
You can get this art of nail polish for women in different ways such as there can be an art with nail polishes or you can also have a chance to get this art of nail polish with stones, in this art you will use some stones. Moreover, you can also use some stickers on your nails because it is also another option for you if you are going to use art of nail polish for women.
For having different and unique motifs, you should be some creative mind because it is impetrative if you want to get the acme of this art. However, whatever style or motif you are going to have just try to be different and new..
There are four kinds of nail arts: (1) with nail polishes, (2) with stones, which allow your nails decorated with unique stones, (3) with stickers, and (4) with acrylic which uses acrylic for the motif.
Here are some steps to apply nail art. Follow these steps to get amazing results!
1. Clean your nails and coat them with base coat. Choose base coat which contains vitamin E to prevent Apply cuticle cream to clean up cuticles
2. Use a spade to take the dirt off your nails.
3. Before applying nail polish, massage your fingers first. Then wash them in order to make the nail polish patched perfectly.
4. If you prefer applying false nails, you can do this now. Match its length with your nail size. Patch them with special glue. Let it dry before starting to paint.
5. To do all these processes, you need almost one hour. If you apply this directly on your nails, it will last for about a month. The false ones last shorter, or about three weeks.

simple nail art for beginners


Pictures Of Nail Polish Designs For Women

To get various motifs, you must be creative. If you want practical way, buy false nails at nail saloons. You will find any motifs you want.
Manual paint and applying sticker are the most favorite. If you want something different, you can add crystal and glitter to it. To apply this, you must match it with the colors of your polishes. Nail art will make you amazing!

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