Armeena Khan Shares a Tweet for Those Who Restrict Female Doctors from Working

Famous film and TV actress Armeena Khan says that the individuals who bar ladies from filling in as doctor should pay back the cost brought about to teach those ladies.

She composed on Twitter than 85,000 female specialists were not rehearsing in the wake of getting a capability, refering to figures from an ongoing report. The female specialists, expresses the report, finished their medicinal training on the cost of the state or secretly. Further including that if just 50 percent of these out-of-calling female specialists are prepared, 70 percent medical problems of individuals in low-salary bunch networks can be settled.

She further said that these ladies are kept from joining the workforce so they can verify a superior proposition to be engaged. Besides, “spouses are banned from working by their uncertain husbands. Is it an opportunity to make them pay back the expenses with the goal that substitution specialists can be prepared?” she inquires.


In another tweet, she includes that the “gatekeepers settling on the choices ought to be considered capable or the recipients of their capabilities. I state this since ladies are not allowed to pick their own professions.”

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