Armeena Khan Hit Back Priyanka Chopra Statement for Promoting War

Armeena Rana is back again with her slamming statements against the celebrities who speak unethical statements. This time it’s for Priyanka Chopra! Armeena Rana has given a hit back statement reply against the statement issued by Priyanka Chopra for supporting war!

Armeena Rana Khan is not just taken to the celebrity with the pretty face but she has a voice which she all the time uses to express the importance of everything which she stands for and has also used her voice and hence to be standing for many philanthropic efforts.

Armeena is one of the star celebrities who has been all the time preaching peace and much love and is telling the world how war destroys lives and also the society. Priyanka Chopra is a famous worldwide known Bollywood star and also mentioned to be the ambassador for UNICEF. She was also among the artists who appreciated the act of the IAF after they crossed the LOC. On


Armeena took to Twitter and later on asked her out on her hypocrisy that how she can completely appreciate war when she is an ambassador for UNICEF. This is what Armeena had to say to the Bollywood actress!

Do you agree with Armeena?

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