Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

Pakistani fashion and Television industry is full of talented actresses and models. And we will be discussing an important personality of both the Television and the Fashion world. Arij Fatyma is not only a famous Pakistani model but now is also, a successful actresses. Because of her innate talent for acting and modeling she made her mark in both worlds very quickly. She gained fame and success in very little time. She is known for her sense of responsibility and also for her beauty. Another factor which plays a key role in her success is her BOLD attitude, she can carry almost everything starting from traditional bridal to head to toe western with grace and enigmatic aura. In this article we will be discussing her personal life as well as her professional life as a famous models and actress.

Personal Life Of Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model is one of those people who beside living almost half their life out of country still believes in serving and living in their native country. Arij Fatyma sometimes written as Arij Fatima was born in USA.She was born into a Muslim Family. She spent her childhood in USA. But she moved to PAkistan for pursuing her Career. Now we will be sharing her interview with you.

Tell me something about yourself that is not public as yet!! Arij’s reply

Haha,even though I am doing soaps and serials, i do not know how to read Urdu. I have to sit for hours prior to my shoots and get help translating the script into Roman English.

What ‘cheeky’ things occur backstage?

Haha, wherever there are too many girls there is always drama. No matter what the age group is it is always high school backstage.

So, I have heard people get into cocaine a lot after getting into the fashion field…how true is that?

I have not seen this myself but stories come to me. It all depends on you and who you associate with.

What would you say to those who want to enter this field but are under family or social pressures?


 I think everyone should follow their heart. Every field has the good side and the bad side. Take your family with you; let them meet the people you work with. Most importantly, you do not have to do everything, limit your work and say no to the things that you are uncomfortable with.

Professional Life of Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model and Actress started her career a year or two back. Though she started her career as a model, but presently she is counted among one of the leading drama actresses of Pakistani Television industry.Below are some question which were asked from Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model and actress regarding her career.

Arij Fatyma Pakistani Model

So why and how did u get into the field of acting and modeling?

 I always got inspired by the people in this field since I was little. For me getting into this wasn’t difficult because I had known the right people since before.

Do you prefer acting or modeling?

I enjoy acting more because you learn a lot and you always grow. Fashion is almost always the same.

Anyway, how long have you been in this field?

Almost 2 years.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

I was recently chosen to represent an international makeup brand, Color Studio Professional, as their Ambassador.

Drama List Of Arij Fatyma

  • Hazaron Saal
  • Sabz Qadam
  • Shaddan
  • Sabz Pari Laal Kabooter
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