Anti Aging Skin Treatment at Home

As we grow old, aging signs start appearing on our skin but some how many people manages to maintain their skin in such a way that Anti Aging Skin Treatment at Home  _01others cannot believe when they tell them their age. There are several methods that we can use in order to take care of our facial texture, homemade remedies might be the right solution for those who are looking for natural treatment. This home made treatment will help you slower the skin aging process with great effect.


Cucumber Cream


One cubed cucumber

Two egg whites

¼ cup Mayonnaise

1 cup Olive Oil

Take all the above ingredients and use a blender to mingle them nicely until a smooth paste is made. To make best use of this cream, use it before going to bed. Make a thin layer on your face with it, so that your skin sops the natural ingredients nicely during night while you are asleep. Regular use of this cream will tighten your facial skin and will reduce the natural aging process.

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