Annus Abrar Eid Dresses 2016 For Women

Annus Abrar Eid dresses 2016 are here and by checking out the pictures, you will say that this collection is just wow and ultra fabulous looking. This collection has been named as Patele Romance Eid collection 2016 and in these 2016 Annus Abrar Eid dresses, stunning model Sunita Marshal has done the modeling. Just a lighter and pastel colors and hues have been put up, you will see no dark colors in this collection. Formal and fancy touch has been given, all of these dresses look just elegant and these Eid dresses stand in the best category to be called as the formal wear dresses.

Annus Abrar Eid Dresses 2016 For Girls

Annus Abrar Eid Dresses 2016 For Women003
These Annus Abrar 2016 Eid dresses have been styled in the shorter in length shirts, trousers are there, cigarette pants are there too. It is a fancy collection, these dresses are the fancy and formal wear looking dresses because you will be seeing some stone work touches, dabka work embellishments in these Annus Abrar Eid dresses 2016. Such amazing and finer looking fancy work has been put up that we cannot explain. You yourself have to check out the outlet of this fashion hub, try these dresses, you will look Royal for sure, you will get the feeling to be called as Princess. Eid is a fancy event, it is a celebration time for all of us so one should be wearing fancy wear outfits on this Eid 2016.

Annus Abrar Eid Dresses 2016 For Women002
Annus Abrar Eid 2016 collection pictures have been put up for you, check out these pictures and images in detail. You will love them for sure. If more of the pictures and style designs of these Annus Abrar Eid dresses 2016 will be revealed, we will let you know. Just get this fancy wear collection right now and share your comments with us too.


Pictures of Annus Abrar Eid Dresses 2016

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