Amna ilyas Pakistani Model

Pakistani Fashion world is filled with talent. There are people in the industry who are not only recognized nation wide but also internationally. They have made Pakistan proud where ever they go. Amna Ilyas is counted in such people who have not only done various shows in Pakistani but also internationally. Amna ilyas despite being new in the industry has made her place in the sizzling fashion world. Her bold attitude towards things has given her the edge over other Pakistani models. Her notorious reputation is another factor which attracts famous designers and make up artist to her. This beautiful Pakistani fashion model is also known for her resemblance with the Pakistani born, American Singer Nadia Ali.

Amna ilyas Pakistani Model

Personal Life of Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is considered to be one of the most bold model of the fashion world. She is also considered to be very self assured model. During an interview she was asked What is the on thing you would like to change about yourself ? She said

I don’t think I would change anything. I am the way I am.

Amna Ilyas like to travel a lot. During an interview when she was asked What is your favorite thing about being a model ? she said

The best thing about modelling is I get to travel all over the world. I really love to travel.

Also, she loves to eat. She was inquired about the reason behind her fitness. What is your mantra to keep a fit and health body ? she replied

I don’t really do a lot to keep fit. I just eat healthy and exercise regularly.

We can clearly see the fitness and freshness she has on her face, she doesn’t diet. And diet is the only thing which may reduce your weight but destroys your skin and health. On another occasion she was asked What are your favorite destinations in the world ?

In Pakistan it would be the Northern Areas and Bhurban. Elsewhere, I think Thailand is a very exotic and beautiful place.

And we can also see that she is very patriotic.

Professional Model on Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is one of the leading a model of Pakistan. She started her career at a young age. She has attained fame and popularity is very little time. She has made her make in the fashion world but only because of her bold attitude but also because of beauty. After the drastic change in her appearance she has captured attention of many designers. She changed her appearance into a dusky and extremely sexy personality. Amna worked in very famous Pakistani brand like, HSY, Karma, Khaadi Khaas, ChenOne and etc.

During an interview she was asked What is fashion for you ? she said

Fashion is something you can wear all the time. For me it’s not a designer label but something casual and comfortable which I can easily carry off.

Then she was asked who inspired you to become a model? she replied

My elder sister was my main inspiration for becoming a model. Vinny is someone I really look up to and she inspires me a lot.

Lastly she was asked to comment or give any an advice for upcoming models . she said

I want to tell all the upcoming models that modelling is an exciting and great profession. The key to success for any good model is to work hard and to avoid the obvious shortcuts which are presented to you along the way.




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