Amna Ilyas Heavily Criticized For Her New Video

Amna Ilyas is an actress and model known for her brave and fearless personality. Amna is very popular and recognized as a model. She started her career in 2006 and, like any actor, struggled to secure a place in the industry. Amna Ilyas Heavily Criticized For Her New Video, She faced all ups and downs with boldness. Amna has worked with great designers and brands from Pakistan. She worked several times on the disaster and repeatedly surprised people with her graceful personality and her murderous demeanor. Amna also appeared in several music videos, including “Halka Halka Suroor” with Farhan Saeed.

Amna Ilyas Heavily Criticized For Her New Video

The Baaji actress recently shared a new video on her Instagram account where she can hear “sexy” being said to a man. However, the video was made for fun purposes, but the internet users don’t like the video at all.


The social media users criticized Amna for making such an indecent video when one of the internet users wrote:

“If a actor had made such a video with two girls. One is a geek and the other is smart. And the actor who calls the smart one “sexy”. Just think of the consequences !!! “”

Another user sarcastically wrote:

“Good to share in Ramzan”

Previously, a model actress tried to make a funny video about the COVID-19 vaccine, which is a serious problem today. Internet users criticized that they had hurt their feelings.

This is how internet users reacted:

One of the internet users wrote

“Everything is a joke for you. Someone is pretty high on their horses or maybe the weeds. “”

Another criticized her saying:

What was wrong with her didn’t have to be a Zumbi just to get attention. Better do quality work. “”

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