Amir Khan’s Wife Faryal Makhdoom’s Lavish Lifestyle 

Amir Iqbal Khan is a famous British professional boxer. He was a welterweight world champion. He hosted the WBA (later Super) tournament from 2009 to 2012 and held the IBF label in 2011. In addition, he held the Commonwealth Lightweight Championship from 2007 to 2008, the WBC Silver Middleweight Championship from 2014 to 2016, and took the risk of participating in the World Middleweight Championship in 2016. As a beginner, he won the lightweight silver medal, the youngest silver medalist in England at age 17. He is also one of the youngest qualified British World Championship winners to win the WBA label at the age of 22. Amir Khan’s Wife Faryal Makhdoom’s Lavish Lifestyle, However, in July 2011, “International Business Times” named Amir Khan as the world’s best boxer, ranking eighth. Box Rec set his pound size as 13th in April 2016. Since October 2016, “The Ring Magazine” has ranked it as the third largest middleweight in the world. In addition to boxing, he also served as a supporter of humanitarian and diverse military arts. Boxer Amir Khan’s wife is as often famous as the next celebrity. From family dramas to fashion choices.

Amir Khan’s Wife Faryal Makhdoom’s Lavish Lifestyle

The couple even had their own reality show ” Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton”. In most performances, we can see Ms. Faryal Makhdoom.

The three BBC anchor Fiona Campbell announced the reality TV series at the Edinburgh Television Festival. The reality show series will invite many Amir Khan and his wife as well as fashion and beauty influencers to participate.

Faryal Makhdoom is always full, very suitable for the “Glossy” series.

Faryal is not only the heroine, but behind the “tabloid headlines”, she is also a very pious mother. She has three children with her husband Lamaisah, Alayna and Muhammad Zaviyar.

We have also seen her supporting social causes that are important to her.

Fans of the group look forward to seeing more fashionistas in the 8×30-minute series of BBCThrees. It is common to see people with a sense of beauty get permission, and the show will also showcase Faryal Makhdoom’s business plan.

Considering her reputation as a beauty, she might start her own makeup line.

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