Amir Adnan Latest Sherwani Collection – Spring 2012 for Men

Amir Adnan, the man who needs no introduction. He is the one who started his career by designing ties, and today he is one of the biggest Pakistani fashion labels for men. People are crazy about his designs and his dresses, specially the one he designs for men.

Amir Adnan is well known for bringing the old fashioned sherwani back into fashion by providing it a modern yet traditional touch. That is the reason why he is running Pakistan’s first international menswear brand.

This year he is back with his new sherwani collections for all those grooms out there preparing to get married this spring/summer. His spring sherwani collection for the year 2012 is mind blowing and once you see it, you can’t resist buying.

So all those grooms out there, if you want all the guests to look at you rather than the bride on your wedding day, personify yourselves with Amir Adnan’s sherwani, even the bride herself wouldn’t resist looking at you 😉 and all those “to be brides” out there, get your future husband this sherwani if you want him to look the best at your wedding day, let Amir Adnan’s spring sherwani collection 2012 make your couple look PERFECT! =)

To have an idea, pictures are attached below. Have a look 🙂

Amir Adnan Sherwani Collection for Men (1)

Amir Adnan Sherwani Collection – Spring 2012

Amir Adnan Sherwani Collection for Men (11)


Amir Adnan Sherwani Collection for Grooms – Spring/Summer 2012

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