Amazing Celebrity Instagram Posts That Grabs the Attention of Social Media this Week!

Instagram has most likely become one of the most important platforms that celebrities use to continue to be related with their followers and keep them posted regarding their professional and non-public lives. Be it film announcements or engagement celebrations, all of it is documented thru this medium.

Fans and followers hold a close check of these bills and preserving that in mind, we’ve compiled the most famous celeb posts that caught our attention this week.

When Mahira Khan Showed the World That She’s A True Superstar:

She penned a letter to thank everybody who came out to assist her following Firdous Jamal’s insensitive comments.

“I did not ask for it and that makes it even greater special,” the celebrity wrote. We also feel the need to recognize Mahira’s incredible handwriting. She without a doubt is an artist!

When Hamza Firdous Stood By His Father:

Momina Duraid shared that her company, MD Productions will not work with Firdous Jamal due to his sexist comments. “We are ashamed of him for being a phase of our fraternity”, she said.

Hamza Firdous replied to the post and started a hashtag in help of his father which started trending on social media.

When Yasir Hussain Shared Engagement Pictures:

The actor shared a photograph and published that the two got engaged to each different in February.



“This photo is from our Baat Pakki event again in February. Usually, the trade of rings as engagement is considered as an engagement, so I did that in front of everyone. But seeing that you guys have begun to learn about my lifestyles as a subject, it reflects on how much time you all have,” cleared Yasir following the speculation.

When Feroze Khan Announced That Khaani Is Now On Netflix

“Khaani on NetFlix !!! ROK SAKO TOW ROK LO,” wrote the Khaani superstar on Netflix. Feroze Khan also gained the Lux Style Award for Best Actor for his overall performance as Mir Hadi. Co-star Sana Javed also displayed her excitement at the news.

When Ahad Raza Mir Just Shared An Intense Picture Of Himself:

Well, his image is sufficient to spoil the net and seize everyone’s attention. We can’t wait to see the actor in extra upcoming projects.

Which one is your favorite post out of all?

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