Allah’s pendants by heritage silver jewellery collection 2011

Heritage jewellery has a large selection of antique jewelry  Victorian Jewellery, Georgian and Art Deco jewelry including Antique and Art Deco Rings, Antique Diamond Rings,  Diamond trilogy Rings, Antique Emerald Rings, Sapphire Rings and Ruby Rings  meaning that the collection is low for words.

Heritage jewellers are the largest silver jewellers in pakistan also selling Victorian and Art Deco antique Earrings, Antique Lockets, Bracelets, Necklaces and Jewelry sets for weddings. Furthermore collection of Antique Jet Jewelry and Victorian Cameo Jewelry, and an extensive selection of Antique and Art Deco Silver Jewelry, including Victorian silver lockets and silver rings. Over 2000 items in stock!

An initiative taken by Heritage jewellers is that they are also now producing religious pendants, (Allah’s pendants)there first stalk is already out and this is the second one. Have a look for your self 🙂


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