Ali Zafar Takes a Dig At Jami, Says: “Jami tends to go against anyone who is more successful than him”

The drama just continues raising! The Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi contention has gone in a different direction with Ali Zafar taking the issue to the media following a time of being quiet about it. From giving proclamations in a public interview before a court to separating amid a live transmission on national TV, and now showing up nearby his significant other on a morning appear, Ali is compensating for all the lost time by ensuring his side of the story is heard.

What’s more, presently that Ali Zafar is at long last talking, he isn’t simply discussing Meesha Shafi. Amid his appearance on ARY News show Bakhabar Sawera, Ali had a comment about the executive – Jami Mehmood.

Jami has been the most vocal supporter of Meesha Shafi as far back as this entire case began. He was even against Lux Style Awards, where he kept the LSA trophy that he has won out and about outside his home, picked up him much consideration from the business.


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Amid the show, Ali Zafar was asked by the host what he felt about Jami’s association in this entire contention, particularly thinking about how Ali and Jami had shared an expert work relationship previously. Ali answered by saying that he had heard Jami had been “a casualty of an episode a couple of years prior which had prompted him having such adversarial sentiments in his heart.” Ali said that he felt “sorry” for him and said he would not like to remark more on the noise.

He further said:

“[Jami’s] film didn’t work and mine was a triumph and that has driven him to be so hostile to me. Furthermore, it’s not simply me. He will in general conflict with any individual who is more fruitful than him.”

What is your opinion on the whole situation?

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