Ali Zafar Shares a Message for Muslims to avoid Backbiting in Ramadan

Backbiting and slandering are among the two noteworthy dangerous sins in Islam. These two sins are taboo by Allah since they sow hatred, insidiousness and disagreement among individuals and lead to obliteration.

They are e disgrace and disfavor. Their culprit is despised and he will not have a respectable demise. Allah prohibits these demonstrations, as He says in the Holy Quran: “Slandering and tattling are from the most terrible and abominable of things, yet the most broadly spread among humankind, with the end goal that nobody is free from it aside from a couple of individuals.”

Remembering the discipline of slandering, The acclaimed Pakistani vocalist cum craftsman Ali Zafar had as of late posted a Hadith of Holy Prophet (SAW) on belittling on his Instagram handle.

The craftsman apparently tried to spread the message of concordance and harmony among the general population, encouraging the Muslims to keep away from belittling and the propensity for looking through the flaws of others as this demonstration is loathed by Allah.

Prior in May, Ali Zafar had referenced his sincere experience of performing Umrah this year on his Twitter handle.


‘Not long ago I was honored to visit Makkah and Medina. What I encountered there can’t be depicted in words. A piece of that I have attempted to express in this “Hamd-o-Naat – Ali Zafar”

Have a favored Ramadan everybody!

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