Ali Zafar Recorded a New Statement Before District and Session Judge in Lahore Against Sexual Harassment Case Trial

Ali Zafar the renowned actor and singer has been in information for a while now. A little recap of the topic, Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassment in a tweet. Later Ali Zafar lodged defamation case in opposition to Meesha Shafi and on account that then started a unending fiasco.

Recently Ali Zafar recorded a statement before district and sessions decide in Lahore. In his statement, the session persisted for over four hours until the court docket adjourned the listening to until July 3, when Zafar will recommence his testimony.

In his statement, Zafar stated the allegations by using Meesha Shafi damaged him both mentally and financially, he also stated that the conspiracy towards him was once pre-planned and it passed off simply earlier than his movie launch Teefa in Trouble. He accused Shafi of strolling fake social media debts to launch a defame campaign in opposition to him.

Ali stated that Meesha used #metoo motion towards him and additionally warned him that she will be supported by other girls and press.


Lately, the video has been released of the jamming session on social media which Meesha Shafi acclaimed of being pressured in and in that video, there have been different human beings who had been testified as well. Let’s see where this case goes and when will this all be over.

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