Ali Xeeshan Gets High Criticism Over Insensitive Remarks on Mental Health!

Renowned trend designer, Ali Xeeshan, faced extreme backlash on a recent Instagram publish whereby the dressmaker was trying to advocate the thought that cash things over mental health i.e people  save their cash as a substitute of spending it on therapists and treatments. The post was perceived as an insensitive remark on intellectual health.

At such a time the place most people suffering from mental diseases or intellectual fitness troubles in Pakistan are hesitant to consult professionals and maintain struggling on their own due to the stigma attached to such illnesses , Ali posted a picture of himself on social media with a caption that said, “Be your very own decrease and store the fee”.

Soon after the post, the dressmaker started receiving backlash from the society struggling to combat towards the taboo of mental illness. Among celebrities, Rapper Ali Gul Pir acquired really pissed over his remarks and fired lower back at him with a tweet pronouncing that people have to shop cash from shopping for his dressmaker garments instead.


The prevalent public also called out the dressmaker for such insensitive remarks on intellectual health. Xeeshan used to be enforced to delete the put up after he used to be badly referred to as out on the matter.

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