Ali Saleem Put some Serious Allegations On Pakistan Army and talks About being Sexually Harassed

Ali Saleem is famous known by the name of Begum Nawazish Ali. He has always remained the part of media stories and headlines for his lifestyle and for his controversies. He grew to massive success after his TV show Late Night Show with Begum Nawazish Ali.

Couple of days back he has taken the internet to storm at the time when he went live on his Facebook and revealed rather uncensored and grotesque details about Pakistan Army and being sexually harassed by the same as well as the police and evens someone from the industry.

In his video he put the statement as:


 “I am going to speak the truth. There is no force on this earth that can stop me anymore. I am on fire,” said Ali Saleem towards the start of the video. He then went on to talk about everything he has seen the Pakistan Army indulge in; from pimping, prostitution to drugs and what not. “Zardari, Imran Khan, Musharraf and all of the previous rulers, they have all had army’s backing through and through,”

He added in his statement:

 “Since I am a crossdresser and a little effeminate, they [Army] have tried to make me a pimp. They thought that I would provide them with girls. They exploit Pakistani girls, I have messages to show for evidence,”

He even openly said that he has evidence and he has requested Supreme Court to call him in court with full protection to expose everyone.

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