Al-Hamra Textiles Sooha Linen 2012 For Winter

Here is an another beautiful winter collection 2012 for women has recently revealed by Al-Hamra Textiles.Al-Hamra Textiles is one of the most leading and oldest textiles mills in Pakistan.Al-Hamra Textiles has stepped inn in the field of fashion and opened their textiles mill in year 1992.Al-Hamra Textiles is now a leading textiles mills in our country.Al-Hamra Textiles has recently released Al-Hamra Textiles sooha linen 2012 for winter.

Al-Hamra Textiles have designed so many seasonal collection and launched apparel in lawn, cotton and linen fabrics.Al-Hamra Textiles has now launched their winter collection 2012 for women entitled by Daisey Laurel.After the great launch of that collection now they are back with Sooha Linen collection for winter.Al-Hamra Textiles sooha linen collection has consists of long shirts with trousers and churidar pajamas.Al-Hamra Textiles sooha linen 2012 collection has embellished with lovely prints and the colors sued for this collection are bright such as purple, red, green, brown and etc etc.Al-Hamra Textiles has adorned this winter arrivals 2012-13 with full of elegant looks and styles.This beautiful winter collection by Al-Hamra Textiles 2012-13 is a marvelous collection of this season.Just wait a bit here and have a look at this collection here below..

Al-Hamra Textiles Sooha Linen 2012 For Women

Al-Hamra Textiles Winter Arrivals 2012

 Complete Collection.


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