Aiman Khan Opens Up About Minal Khan Relationship & Her Wedding

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are the two most well known and most discussed big name sisters of the showbiz world. After the wedding consummation of Aiman Khan, it was being normal that soon Minal Khan wedding will be on the wedding cards too. In any case, that is only gossip story to discuss.

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As of late, in a meeting, Aiman Khan was interrogated concerning her sister Minal Khan wedding. She straightforwardly divulges that she is seeing somebody and is in relationship also. In any case, she isn’t prepared for the marriage yet. She doesn’t care for sharing her own life transparently and needs to keep it covert until she isn’t sure about it. Her marriage isn’t concluded until she doesn’t settle on an official conclusion herself.  She is not yet ready for it.


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Minal Khan is in long haul connection with Manzoor Khan and they have been seen together in such a large number of design occasions and on Aiman Khan wedding too. Well now we have to wait around for the fans when the wedding announcement of Minal Khan will be made! Whether it will be Manzoor Khan or someone else? Stay tuned for more latest updates about it!

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