Affan Waheed Opens up About Not Going To Get Married Anytime Soon

If you aren’t already aware, Ahsan Khan is hosting a celeb talk show on ‘Bol Network’ what with most of its shows spearheaded by means of celebrities like Danish Taimur, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Mathira. While ‘Bol Nights’ hasn’t raked in controversy like its sister exhibit ‘Pakistan Star,’ the former still enjoys poking celebrities to reveal personal testimonies that reel in audiences.

Ahsan quizzed guest Affan Waheed about when he’s going to be getting married. This comes after the ‘Do Bol’ superstar published details about his first marriage with Samina Peerzada.

Affan had been quite hushed about his past, only lately revealing important points about his divorce on ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ and how he subsequently succumbed to depression.

Host Ahsan recently requested Affan if he’ll be getting married anytime soon, after discussing societal pressures round “bachelors.”

Ahsan harassed how in Pakistan, there is remarkable strain on single guys to get married and settle down the older they get and asked Affan how he deals with family pressure; “when are you getting married?”


Affan stated he told his parents now not to pressure him into getting married for at least the next two years earlier than co-star Hira jumped in and insisted that he get married.

Affan said that he would think about it after his next project, and insinuated that he solely wanted to focus on work.

He laughed and said “thora wait kar lo abhi.”!

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