Affan Waheed Opens Up About His Messy Divorce for The First Time on Media

As of late, Affan Waheed showed up in an interview with Samina Peerzada where he discussed his separation and sorrow out of the blue.  Affan got hitched in 2016 and the photos of his nikkah service turned into a web sensation. Just about a year later he reported that he had gotten a separation.

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“I used to bolt my entryway and cry, go out for drives and shout so anyone can hear,” he uncovered. “I was depressed to the point that I was unfit to comprehend what was transpiring. I experienced extraordinary male pattern baldness; I denied work for very nearly nine months.”  Separation truly affects you and changes you. Be that as it may, it makes you a more grounded individual. So we surmise everything is great that closes well. There was a time when he was in a  state of great depression.


He even mentioned that divorce was a big shock and depression for him that made him complete disconnected from the profession and he used to lock himself in his room and avoid talking to everyone. His friends and family mates helped him a lot in overcoming the whole condition and move ahead to a new life!

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