Affan Waheed Opens Up About Depression in ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’

Affan Waheed is a well-loved and respected face in the Pakistani dramatization industry, who achieved huge success with the show Do Bol. The entertainer has given some stunning exhibitions in the past as well however his important exceptional acting in Do Bol prevailed upon hearts all Pakistan. The entertainer was approached the famous program ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ after his wonderful accomplishment in the sequential, and like each other celebrity on the show, he additionally shared those insights concerning himself that he hadn’t shared previously.

While discussing his personal life and marriage, Affan likewise shares about the time of depression that he experienced after he got separated from some time back and how he adapted ready.

Watch the interview right here:


The Do Bol star speaks in insight regarding the time he had experienced serious depression after he went separate ways with his better half. He shares that the separation didn’t come simple on him and he used to cry a ton and shout at whatever point he was distant from everyone else in the room. His life had ground to a halt and he had quit working for dramatizations around then. He says that while he doesn’t care for crying before anybody, amid this period, he had a craving for weeping hysterically. Affan said that he couldn’t make sense of why he was always miserable and low yet he named it as gloom.

In such a period, he said that his loved ones remained close by, tuned in to him and listened to his emotions and it was all a result of them that he had the option to move out of that awful period of his life. He additionally said that if not for his family and companions, he would have embraced ruinous propensities and had ruined his life.

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