Advantages Of Shellac Nails: The New, Healthy Nail Option

Acrylic nails have for years been the way for women to have beautiful nails. Unfortunately, everyone also knows how bad they are for your nails. Acrylic nails require the filing and shaping of gel that eventually hardens to form a fake nail. The necessary filing, shaping, and removal processes strip and damage our nails; nails can only be repaired with time as the damaged parts grow out. The last two years, however, have presented women with a new and healthier way to have beautiful nails without the damage.

California company, Creative Nail Design (CND), perfected their product, called Shellac, over a 5 year period. Unlike acrylic nails, Shellac is a nail polish that hardens over our natural nails; the only difference between it and regular nail polish is that it is much harder and durable. Shellac manicure treatments last up to 2 weeks.

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 My Experience with Shellac Nails Art 

I personally tried Shellac last month. I have refused to get acrylic nails for years; the electric nail file is painful, and I personally don’t like how unnatural acrylic nails look or how damaged my natural nails were after I had the acrylic removed. So, when a friend convinced me to try Shellac, I was very skeptical. After getting them, however, I can say I am in love. My nails have always been weak and regular nail polish protects them very little from breaking. Shellac, which looks just like nail polish on natural nails, feels only slightly thicker, but my nails have yet to break. Also, I use my hands a lot and I’ve experienced no chipping; I usually see at least one chip within a day after getting a regular manicure. I did not believe the people at the nail salon when they explained how long the Shellac would last, but I have to say they made a fool of me. So, after two weeks, I saw no chips and my nails were just as shiny as they were the day I had them done. The only reason that Shellac nails only last two weeks, in my opinion, is because your nails grow out and there’s a space in between the Shellac and your cuticles.

The Pros of Shellac Nails Art:

  • It’s stronger than regular nail polish.
  • Because Shellac is set by a UV light instead of air like regular nail polish, it is completely dry by the time you leave the salon; regular polish takes a few hours to completely set.
  • It’s healthier than acrylic nails.
  • It hurts less than acrylic nails.
  • It stays chip free longer than regular manicures.

The Cons of Shellac on Artificial Nails:

  • It’s not suitable for those who want “long” nails. Shellac is a polish, not a gel like acrylic. Acrylic nails allow you to have nails longer than your natural nails, but that isn’t the case with Shellac.
  • You have to go to the salon to get Shellac. Although there are Shellac products online (both fake and legitimate), CND only sells its products directly to salons. And unlike regular polish, you must have a UV light to set the polish properly.
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