Adnan Khan Formal Wear Dresses 2015-16

The all new Formal Wear 2015-16 collection by AdnanKhan is unveiled and what stunning outfits it has to offer. A splendid collection for the wedding season by AdnanKhan. Wide range of designs made using finest fabric and exquisite embellishment to complete your fashion statement. The Formal Wear 2015-16 Collection by AdnanKhan is based on beautiful motifs, carefully selected threads of pure silk and finely crafted to compliment your style statement this wedding season.

AdnanKhan is a fusion of contemporary South Asian elegance with the vibrance of western panache. Over the past 11 years AdnanKhan labels have expanded in both geographic reach and segments of creations.

adnan khan formal wear dresses

​Adnan Khan is award winning fashion designer being the – Winner at Aisa Collection Makuhari Grand Prix ’98 and is Affiliated with the La Chambre Syndicate De La Couture Parisienne, France

Adnan Khan Formal Dresses 2015 - 2016 Adnan Khan Formal Dresses 2015-16


Adnan Khan Formal Dresses 2015-2016 Adnan Khan Formal Dresses For Ladies 2015-16 Adnan Khan Formal Wear Collection 2015-16 Formal Wear Collection 2015 - 2016 by AdnanKhan Formal Wear Collection 2015-16 by AdnanKhan Formal Wear Collection 2015-2016 by AdnanKhan Formal Wear Dresses 2015 - 16 by AdnanKhan Formal Wear Dresses 2015 - 2016 by AdnanKhan Formal Wear Dresses 2015-16 by AdnanKhan


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Model: Roma Michael
Photography & Styling: Nasr Nusair
Creative Agency: ByTheWay Digital
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