Aagha Ali’s Latest Upcoming Song ‘Main Haara’ is All Breakup All About Breakup Themed Song

Well we all know Agha Ali as a brilliant actor and this time he has proved that he is an amazing singer as well. This actor has just recently dropped a teaser of his upcoming music video “MAIN HAARA” on the channel of YouTube and its just WOW.

The video stars the amazing Aagha Ali himself, who’s driving through a deserted area and his soothing voice play in the background, ‘MAIN HAARA, JESE TOOTA HUA HO SITARA’. The words of the song are exceptionally amazing to listen to.

This is the complete 40 second teaser shows vague details as in the next scene as he throws a box of memories that brings about the letters, a teddy bear and a broken frame with a picture of a girl, which is not very clear. Here we have the song video for you:


‘MAIN HAARA’ is coming out as the complete heart touching theme heartbreak song with a slow and sad yet euphonic melody. Hence the amazing 40 second teaser is very much hooking and makes you want to hear more of it. Aagha Ali’s songs has always come about to be much mesmerizing to the ears and this new song is also going to be yet another beautiful piece of art.

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