Aagha Ali Talks about His Suffering from Skin Disorder ‘Psoriasis’

Aagha Ali is one such actor who has carved out a very consistent and loyal fan following for himself in the industry, based totally in simple terms on merit. A singer as well, Aagha additionally made information with his song Mein Wohi Aashiq and even got a document deal with ARY Musik to release his album Rockstar.

In an interview with Wasim Badami we had been startled to analyze that the actor had and is nevertheless struggling from a sickness called psoriasis!

This is the skin ailment that motives pores and skin cells to multiply up to ten times quicker than normal. This makes the pores and skin construct up into bumpy red patches included with white scales. They can grow anywhere, however most show up on the scalp, elbows, knees, and decrease back.


Talking about it to Wasim, Aagha said:

‘I have been living with this circumstance for the previous 8 years and it commenced precisely the way my career did as each started out aspect by side’.

Adding further he said:

‘This is that sort of illness which comes and goes and there are instances even when no remedy works on it ‘.

Even in his previous interviews, Aagha had mentioned how he had locked himself up for eight months straight when he knew about this pores and skin sickness but with the will to succeed he overcame his fears and these days accepts psoriasis with dignity and does now not let it maintain him again from achieving his desires and dreams.

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