A YouTuber Called out to boycott ‘Baaji’ after ‘Gangster Guriya’ and we Agree With Him!

Saqib Malik’s directorial debut Baaji is all set to hit the cinemas this Friday. Up till now, 4 songs have been launched and one of them is none different than the Mehwish Hayat starrer ‘Gangster Guriya’ that has prompted well, some controversy in the country.

Recently, the dance number started out a debate over whether or not the song should be regarded an empowerment anthem or a tribute to a girl owning and expressing her sexuality as she pleases. A lot was once said and done. We presented a balanced image of the entire scenario too, an excerpt of which is as follows:

YouTube superstar calls for a boycott of Baaji!


The story, unfortunately, doesn’t end here. A YouTube celebrity Chen-K, recently, took to his YouTube channel and entreated the audience to dislike the song and boycott Baaji on the whole. Now, this was some 5 days ago and now it looks like the loads are responding to his call for as per reviews and Mr. Chen K himself, ARY has removed the likes/dislikes wide variety from their YouTube because the dislikes surpassed the likes through a massive margin. While we can’t see the dislike/like ratio we do see the terrible feedback below the original video which does paint a clear image of the Youtubers popularity and response from the masses.

Urging people to boycott a movie (that certainly looks to be one of the first-rate we have had in so long) just because it features a lady being in cost of her own sexuality, except having any meaningful discourse with the audience can be a little too fatal for our nascent cinema industry.

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