A Lovely Collection Of Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Family

Mikaal Zulfiqar is among the most popular celebrities of the showbiz. He has worked in numerous Pakistani serials and without doubt all his drama’s were a hit in the industry. As indicated by a few reports, Mikaal Zulfiqar is among the most expensive performers of the Pakistan, taking at least 6 digits (Lakh) for one episode of a drama!

Mikaal Zulfiqar was not born in Pakistan. He was conceived in London to a Pakistani father and English Mother. So he spent his youth in London and moved back to Pakistan in 1997. After finishing his A’Levels, he began his profession as a model in 2001 in light of the fact that he has dashing and super duper looks!

He soon stepped into acting and performed in numerous hit shows. He is seen in every Ufone advertisements. Mikaal has likewise performed in Bollywood pictures like Shoot On Sight, Baby and U R My Jaan.

Mikaal Zulfiqar Family

mikaal zulfiqar family

Mikaal Zulfiqar got hitched to Sara Bhatti in year 2010 and he is carrying on a happy married life with her wife till now. Her wife is gorgeous and wonderful like him and God has likewise honored this couple with two angels. As everybody is a big fan of Mikaal Zulfiqar, so all of us need to know more about his wife and kids. So today the team of presents to you a lovely collection of Mikaal Zulfiqar’s family.

A Lovely Collection Of Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Familymikaal zulfiqar family pics

mikaal zulfiqar photos


mikaal zulfiqar wife


Mikaal zulfiqar with his wife

wife of mikaal zulfiqar

mikaal zulfiqar kids

mikaal zulfiqar daughter and wife

mikaal zulfiqar with wife sara

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