9 Signs Your Phupho Is Not ‘Evil’ And Actually ‘Loves’ You

Many kids think that Phuphos are evil and wicked. Here are 9 signs that prove your Phupho is not evil and actually loves you and treats you as a friend.

She makes you happy by telling you the most entertaining stories concerning your father when they were younger. And she does not backbite against your mother.

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She helps you with your school homework and tries her best to clear your concepts about different difficult questions. She wants to see you as a bright student in the class.

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She cooks your most loved dish when you visit her. No black magic and toxic substance included.

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She sends generous Eidi and even gifts you cool things like PlayStation, remote control car etc.


She is your secret partner, and whenever you need backing and a comfort in times of dire need, she is dependably there for you. She never criticises you and always takes your side.



When you were a child, she let you play games on her computer, played kids games with you and even watched kid’s shows with you.

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She would scold her own children, however, thinks of you as her ‘Shonaa Kaka’ because you are her brother’s child.


You share a close resemblance with your phupho.

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She tells you that she loves you EVERY SINGLE TIMe and you know she is not lying because you love your phupho as well.

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