6 Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Their Homes For Showbiz

Every person searches here and there to find a good job or work. But why do we do this? We do this because we want to earn a living! Here is the list of 6 famous Pakistani celebrities who left their homes for the sake of showbiz. Although it’s not easy for a single person to move independently from his/her city to another city, but our celebrities showed that success is not something which comes to you at your own place – you have to search for it!

Faisal Qureshi (From Lahore To Karachi)

Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Their Homes For Showbiz

The highest paid actor of the industry, Faisal Qureshi left his hometown in Lahore and moved to Karachi. At first, he was rejected by several film directors in Karachi and he faced very difficulties. But his hard work made him the most popular and highest paid actor!

Sana Fakhar (From Lahore To Karachi)

sana fakhar lahore

Sana Fakhar was born in Multan but later on her family moved to Lahore. When Sana grew up, she understood that she has to support her family. So in search of work, Sana moved from Lahore to Karachi.

Nabeel Zafar (From Faisalabad To Karachi)

nabeel zafar faisalabad



Nabeel Zafar moved from his hometown Faisalabad to Karachi. Now he is the producer and actor of most watched comedy drama serial “Bulbulay”.

Noman Masood (Moved From Islamabad To Karachi)

Noman Masood islamabad

Saud (Moved From Lahore To Karachi)

Saud from Lahore

Sanam Chaudhry (Moved From Lahore To Karachi)

sanam chaudhry lahore

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