3 Easy Day Looks

Its a big hassel to carry all your make-up products with you the whole day long. And you can’t even leave it back, what happens if you and your friends suddenly decided to go out, and your make-up isn’t refreshed. Now you have a problem in your hands. But we have a solution for it. Instead of carrying an overflowing bag of makeup to look put-together each day, you can have few simple palettes — filled with the right products — get the job done much more simply. So, in today’s beauty article we will discuss 3 Easy Day Looks

3 Easy Day Looks

Following are the 3 easy day looks.
Beauty Tips

 Pixi Eye Glow Cube – Lucent Lid Light

The first palettes we recommend you to use is Pixi Eye Glow Cube. Following are the steps you should follow.

  1.  Use the shimmery mauve shade on your eyelid
  2. Then apply the champagne shade in the crease and up into your brow bone and the inner corners of  your eyes to highlight. 
  3.  Then you finish it up with a little brown eyeliner and mascara and a swipe of the pink blush included in the palette
This makeup will look perfect for your causal look. The eyeshadows blended for a subtle and understated look will make you fall in love with themselves. And the lip gloss you apply will look very natural, but  just a hint of color and shine that will make everything look pretty and polished.

 NP Set Glam Set

The second palette is Np Set Glam Set. And Following are the step that you should follow.


  1. After applying the usual foundation, you should use the pink blush shade on the apples of her cheeks. 
  2. Then you use the light beige shadow on your  lids blending up into your brow bone. 
  3. You should use the rose gold shade in your crease and along your lower lashline. 
  4. And lastly you should add a little brown eyeliner and mascara and finish with the rose lip gloss from the palette 
You will love this day look. It will make you feel put together but the colors are subtle enough to not to make you feel to done for the daylight.

Pixi Fake Awake Kit – Power-Nap

The third palette you should have is Pixi fake awake kit. Follow the following step to do a daytime makeup.

  1. After applying the usual foundation, you should apply the concealer to your eye area. 
  2.  Then you should use the nude setting powder on your eyelids. 
  3.  After doing the above steps, you should apply the cream highlighter and brightening cream to your cheeks. 
  4. You should then topped that with a little of the peachy cheek and eye awakening powder. 
  5.  Then you should finish the look with the pale pink lip gloss.
You will simply love the palette. And it will help you create a natural look. The makeup will be very appropriate for your day to day routine.

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