Sapphire Mid-Summer Sale Is Making People Fight (Watch Videos)!

It is 50% OFF sale on every outlet of pret-wear sapphire brand all across the Pakistan. Pret-wear sapphire is offering sale from time but it was first time 50% OFF, which have definitely been causing frenzy for ladies around the country. In the year 2015, two women started some fight over a piece of shirt. So, we expected no less this year.

Crowd At Sapphire Mid-Summer Sale!

The mid-summer sale on pret-wear sapphire begins early in the morning today. But as compared to last some years, this time was some discipline and no more fights between women on some piece of shirts! However, the queues that could be noticed outside the outlets were unfathomable. Here are some videos from malls around the Pakistan,

And, another one with the never lasting line of eager ladies waiting for their turn to grab clothes:


Sapphire sale had caused an utter chaos throughout Pakistan.

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