Pakistani Cricketers Taking Side Of Ahmad Shahzad After He Was Bashed!

Ahmed Shehzad is a Pakistani cricketer. He plays domestic cricket for Habib Bank Limited. He made his One Day International debut for Pakistan on 24 April 2009 against Australia

Cricketers Stood Up for Ahmad Shahzad!

The Pakistani Batsman Ahmad Shahzad was under constant backwash after his disagreeable performance in the backly ended ICC Chamionship Trophy which was won by Pakistani Cricket Team. The Pakistani Batsman was badly criticized by the public and now the batsman has been called on media by Javed Chaudhry.

He accused the Pakistani batsman and talked about his bad performance in the Championship. Chaudhry then compared the cricketer with the ongoing policial situation in the country regarding the JIT case.

Look what Javed Chaudhry talked About the Pakistani Batsman

However, the cricketer being defamed, shut down all haters! This is what the ‘selfie king’ tweeted:

Here is what Pakistani Cricketers said taking the side of Ahmed Shahzad

However, looks like a fellow journalist was there to support his colleague Javed Chaudhry.

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